Sunday, 24 November 2013


It's hard to describe how maddeningly frustrating the week has been, so I'm going to keep this blog entry brief.

After last week's fall, I only ran three times and all at 8 minute mile pace- hardly the stuff of 10K PBs. For some reason, the wound on my knee has really struggled to heal- every shower and every pair of long trousers has caused my knee to bleed or weep. Even as I write this, I've got shorts on, willing the wound to dry out and scab up fully. Nice!

So, despite otherwise feeling fit as a fiddle and desperately wanting to get some serious miles in, I rested the second half of the week in the hope that the injury would sort itself out. It's not quite there yet, but hopefully the break has helped.

Which all means that I'm highly unlikely to line up at next week's Kingston 10K. I may have a change of heart as the week progresses, but I see little point in forcing myself up early on a cold Sunday morning only to huff and puff my way to a time which is there or thereabouts. It'll be the first time I've not started a race I've entered, so it'll be frustrating to miss out, especially after feeling that a PB was on the cards just a couple of weeks ago.

Allowing an extra week for Christmas (far too much revelry to be had), my 18 week P&D schedule starts on Monday 2nd December. I've decided that I'm going to follow the 55-70 miles per week plan and, though I'm a little apprehensive about the mileage, I'm confident that my body can handle the distances required provided that I start the schedule fully fit. The motivation is there- I just need my knee to catch up.

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