Sunday, 20 October 2013

Tim's Training: 14-20 October 2013

Monday - 5 miles

Light weights workout at gym followed by 5 mile run at 8 minute mile pace

Tuesday - 9.85 miles

AM - 5.5 mile run commute at 8 minute mile pace

PM - 4.35 mile track session

Five sets of:

700m at 10k pace (followed by 70 secs rest)

500m at 5k pace (followed by 60 secs rest)

200m at 3k pace (followed by 60 secs rest)

To explain this session a little further, our club's track coach sets the distance and pace, but only the very quickest runners complete the full distance- the rest finish each rep wherever we've got to by the time they cross the line. Tonight, the quickest runners (some of whom are Kenyan professional athletes) ran 5 x 900/700/300, whereas I ran 5 x 700/500/200 with approximate lap speeds of 85-86 secs for each 700, 83-84 secs for each 500, and 70 secs for each 200.

Wednesday - 0 miles

Rest day

Thursday - 0 miles

Rest day

Friday - 4.5 miles

4.5 mile run in Central Park, NYC at 7:30 mile pace

Saturday - 0 miles

Rest day

Sunday - 0 miles

Rest day

Total run mileage: 19.35 miles

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