Monday, 28 October 2013

Planes, Pains and Swimming Lanes

The past week was bookended by a plane and a pain, both of which contributed to me running my lowest weekly mileage in months.

I hadn't expected the flight home from New York to completely wipe me out, but it was Wednesday evening before I did any exercise and even then I could only muster up the energy to go to a spinning class. Fortunately, I felt back to myself by the next morning and was able to run to work on both Thursday and Friday. Neither of these runs was at a particularly quick pace and I assumed I'd have no problem going for at least one longer run over the weekend. Unfortunately, my left big toe had other ideas and it really started to ache as Friday wore on. 

I'm lucky not to get injured too often and this pain came completely out of the blue- I hadn't felt any discomfort at all whilst out that morning and I'd not bashed it (at least not that I remember). Despite not causing me too much discomfort whilst walking, it was a definite strain and the best course of action was to rest it over the weekend. I therefore had chance to get in some much needed swim practice ahead of my first triathlon next August. I enjoyed both swims, but I hope that the short enforced layoff from running will mean that it's mid-April before I'm again giving my swim technique proper consideration.

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